"It's enjoyable to admire Jon White's broad spectrum of visuals and locations within his photographic catalog. His photography has inspired many of my own creative thoughts. His eye for capturing "life" couldn't get more keen. I plan on hiring him as my set photographer as much as I possibly can."

Mike Timm, Freelance Production, Motion Pictures & Commercials


"Jon is a prolific photographer with an intuitive eye, and a natural grace for finding the right shot. I highly recommend taking a look at his portfolio, it speaks for itself."

Jeremy Hogan, Experienced open source community builder, marketeer, developer and support manager


"Jon sees the art, captures it, and delivers it. He is consistent and highly reliable."

Jim Lawrence, VP at L and L LLC


"Jon is quite creative, I have hired him for many projects both personally and professionally. I was extremely happy with the results. He really makes an effort to ensure quality of work and customer satisfaction."

Howard Cragg, Owner H & H Environmental Systems, Inc


"Jon's art has been an AEPi fraternity mainstay since he joined. Everyone is familiar with his work and dedication and that shows in his art. Jon is guaranteed to deliver on a project with class, distinction, and most of all hard work and dedication."

Sal Ceravolo, Software Engineer at REDCOM Labs


"I have always loved Jon White's work! He takes a back seat to no one. I have known Jon for nearly 30 years, and his work is of the highest quality and creativity. He has a great eye, and he is WAY too humble to brag about his work -- but let me say, his attention to detail and the quality of film and paper he uses makes his work stand out. His live action sports shots are Sports Illustrated quality, his portrait work captures the subject's soul, and his city-scapes are legendary. Hire this man! ;-)"

Eric Numeric, Owner/Sushi Chef Rendevous Cafe des Arts and Sushi Grill

"Jon is a talented photographer and is very creative. He's very reliable and delivers projects on time, usually exceeding expectations."

Tom Parry Programmer/Analyst at C-Co Technologies


"Jon's photography work has me impressed me for over 20 years. He blends traditional photography with new digital techniques to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces of art. I have had his artwork adorning my walls since 1990."

Eric Cohen Adobe Scene7 Channel Sales Manager :: e-Commerce SaaS


"Jon's photography and sense of detail and proportion and colors are awesome...the new age version of Picasso, Rembrandt et all combined."

Anindya Sen, owner at Vistas India

"Jon is full of energy and creativity. I feel there's not a single moment he spents without his 'third eye.' His photography is vibrant and a brand of its own. Jon's world.

January 28, 2011 Ingrid - artingrid - Dohle Kamerbeek Networker and Coordinator at Webism Group of Worldwide Artists